The 12MYC was founded by Jan Slee Founded in 2006, dedicated to the promotion and betterment of the 12 Metre Class. In 2013 the Club was revitalized under the leadership of Commodore James Gubelmann with Vice Commodore Chandler (Bee) Hovey and Richard Sayer who formed the non-profit corporation 501(c)3 of the current organization whose mission is:

To restore and foster the 12 Metre style of yacht racing by hosting educational seminars, lectures, and amateur racing events.

12 Metre Yacht Club Clubhouse, Clarke Cooke House, Newport, RI

Commodore Gubelmann’s selflessness stewarded the 12MYC, building community, events and awareness for the glorious history of the 12 Metres racing here in Newport. In 2014, after attending the 2014 12mR World Championship in Barcelona, Jimmy undertook the mammoth 5-year task of creating 2019 12 Metre World Championship along with International Twelve Metre Association Vice President and 12mR Americas Fleet Captain, Peter Gerard.

Peter Gerard

Peter Gerard

For organizing the 2019 12mR World Championship at Newport, Peter along with the Ida Lewis Yacht Club was recognized by the US Sailing with the St. Petersburg Award for the best-run regatta in the United States for 2019, based on participant feedback.

Over the years through a generous partnership with David Ray, the official home of the 12 Metre Yacht Club came to rest in the Sky Bar of the Clarke Cooke House. In this historic room, you will find half-hull models of the 12 Metres that have challenged and competed in America’s Cup in addition to the revered 12 Metre trophies awarded at both 12mR World and North American Championships. The 12 Metre Yacht Club is open to all who visit the Clarke Cooke House in Newport RI.

12MYC Commodore James Gublemann at the 2017 12 Metre North American Championship, Newport, Rhode Island

Commodore James Gubelmann 


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