12 Metre Yacht Club


12 Metre North American Championship


                SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16TH AT 10AM

Newport Yachting Center

The 12 Metre Yacht Club, the North American fleet of 12 Metre yachts, along with Ida Lewis Yacht Club will be hosting the 12 Metre North American Championships Sept. 16 -18.  On the final day of racing, Sunday, Sept. 18th, the fleet of 12 Metres will proudly parade through Newport Harbor at approximately 10:00 AM. Attendees at the Show on Sunday, join us at the Newport Yachting Center Marina docks for this must-see moment!  Flags will be flying, and horns will be tooting as these iconic yachts, many former America’s Cup contenders, circle the harbor before their final day of racing.  Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to see them all in one place, up close and on the water!