2019 12 Metre World Championship fleet docked at Fort Adams, Newport Rhode IslandNarragansett Bay and its surrounding waters provide a spectacular array of race courses for the iconic 12 Metre Fleet. New York Yacht Club defended the America’s Cup off the shores of Newport with spectators watching many historic finishes from the slopes of Castle Hill. In 1958 12 Metres became the America’s Cup boat and graced the waters of Narragansett Bay until 1983. The 12 Metres have continued to race in these waters and abroad. Driving over the Newport bridge on any summer day you can see 12 Metres racing or out for day sails.

Ida Lewis Yacht Club recieves U.S. Sailing's Stl Petersburg Trophy for best run regatta of the year as voted by participants.

In 2019, twenty-two 12 Metres converged in Newport for the 12mR World Championship with boats and teams from all over the world. Spectacular ocean racing ensued off the coast of Newport as well as up Narragansett Sound. With most of the fleet docked together at Ft. Adams crew and spectators alike were able to experience the history and magnificence of the 12 Metres en masse. The event was so successful, that organizing authority, Ida Lewis Yacht Club and North American 12mR Fleet Captain Peter Gerard were recognized with US Sailing’s St. Petersburg Trophy, chosen based on participant input, for the best run regatta of the year!