Australia, KA-5

Australia (KA-5)

Australia (KA-5) – MODERN

Australia (KA-5) is the only yacht throughout the history of the America’s cup to have challenged on two occasions. Her first challenge was in 1977 against Courageous (US-26) skippered by Ted Turner and her second in 1980, against Freedom (US-30) skippered by Dennis Connor. Designed by Bob Miller (Ben Lexcen) she was superbly built from aluminum by Steve Ward in 1977. Following an exhaustive refit throughout 2019 by Northshore Marine she now presents in excellent condition and an inspection is highly recommended. Find Out More

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 Courageous, US-26

Courageous beating upwind at 2015 12 Metre North Anerican Championship, photo by SallyAnne Santos | Windlass Creative

Courageous, US-26 ~ MODERN

Courageous (US-26), Perhaps the most famous and revered 12-Metre of the modern era, Courageous won the America’s Cup twice, in 1974 and 1977 and is one of only three boats with that distinction in the 169 history of the competition.  An icon of American sailing, she is notable also as the first 12 Metre of aluminum construction. Launched in 1974 Courageous was designed by Sparkman & Stephens and built at Minneford Yacht Yard.  Sparkman & Stephens legacy remains sterling to this day; to wit, a high-end broker recently concluded a listing summary, “She is a Sparkman & Stephens design. What more needs to be said?”Courageous is in the finest and fastest condition of her life.  With her modern mast, upgrades in 2019 of her sail-wardrobe, Harken winch package and running rigging upgrades ‘the list’ is confined to a  ‘scratch and spray’ of the top-sides, preparation and fresh paint on deck. She is currently housed in a clean, expansive boat shed in Portsmouth, RI and is ready for commissioning. Find Out More

Gleam, US-11

Gleam, 12mR US-11

Gleam, US-11 ~ VINTAGE

Gleam 68′ (US-11) was built by Henry B. Nevins boatyard in 1937 and designed by Clinton Crane for his own personal use. She was involved in the America’s Cup as a trial horse in 1958 for the English 12-metre, Septre and in 1962. The late Bob Tiedemann purchased her in 1974 and lovingly restored her while sailing her in the charter business along the East Coast of the United States. She has a very impressive racing history and has dozens of trophies to prove it. Gleam has her original 1937 interior complete with cabin sleeping quarters, main saloon, galley and beautiful head. She has been featured in many magazines and books. Gleam along with her stable mate, Northern Light are the two 12-metre yachts photographed in the famous Rosenfeld black and white image, “Flying Spinnakers” taken in the late 1930’s. Gleam is USCG certified for 13 passengers and 3 crew. She is located in Newport, RI. Find Out More

Kookaburra III, KA-15

Kookaburra III, KA-15, photo by James Robinson Taylor

Kookaburra III, KA-15 ~ GRAND PRIX

Kookaburra III (KA-15), Another 12 that really should be in Newport. She is in immaculate condition. A proven winner, she won the defender trials in Perth beating Australia IV 6-0 but fell to Stars and Stripes in the Cup 1-4. Purchased in 2012 by an Italian businessman, Kookaburra III has been restored meticulously and competes successfully in regattas throughout the Mediterranean.   She sparkles under her revived original gold livery including the crew who are handsomely attired in her original Australian colors of ‘green and gold’. In October Kookaburra III closed out her sailing season by winning her class at the 2019 Barcolana Classic. Currently in Italy, her owner has expressed his willingness to ‘assist’ in shipping her to Newport. (photo by: James Robinson Taylor) Find Out More

Victory ’83, K-22

Victory '83

Victory ’83 ~ MODERN

Victory ’83 (K-22), Following 20+ years of campaigning, Dennis Williams has placed her on the market. This is a ‘turn-key’ operation with an extensive lightly used sail wardrobe from 2019, the RIB and her container full of spares included. The new deck layout and systems, known as the “Victory Job”, are the envy of the Gran Prix and Modern Divisions. She is the first Super Twelve! Victory’83 sports a deep sail inventory including three carbon mainsails; the latest was new for the 2019 Worlds Season. She has a large inventory of spares. Victory’83 comes with 2+ sets of running rigging, a full set of foul weather gear and the all required 12M outfit including safety gear. She is ready to compete in 2020, add your own team, some water and go racing! Find Out More

Three Reasons to Buy a Twelve Metre, by David Pedrick ~ Sailing World, July 2007